Super Mario

Super Mario Bros, the best game ever ! Enjoy this super mario bros theme, come with custom icon set and ringtone. It’s time to bring NES into you phone :).

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8 thoughts on “Super Mario

  1. Hello udjo42.
    I have most of your themes and some are my favourite (on mobile9).
    I wish to ask you a favour. Please, when you find the time to create themes for Nokia C3. One, the contrast of Simple Black Default; the second in navy blue and white colour, and last one the same Chelsea theme but without Chelsea sign. Please, please plain and simple themes.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Yes my fiend, that is exactly what I meant. Plain, simple and beautiful colours.
    I appreciate your concern into this matter. I can hardly wait to download those themes in my phone.
    Once more, that you very much.

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