Ubuntu Dream

Do you remember my Android Dream theme? Many people like that theme. Base on that theme, I made a new theme similiar to that theme, Ubuntu Dream. Thank you so much for ttk1opc who had shared his Ubuntu Bokeh Wallpaper that inspired me to make this theme. Afterall this theme is quite similiar with Android Dream theme, one big different is the Flashlite digital clock doesn’t show the seconds, I hope this will make my theme doesn’t consume your battery pretty much. Once again I would like to say thank you to Mr. Zayed Baloch for helping me developing the flahlite script (he’s the man !). I also extract some icons from Nitnerolf’s collection, and those icons make this theme perfect. One more, I use HTC sense clock PSD template from Livven, thanks dude :D.

As usuall, if you don’t like a theme with animated flashlite wallpaper, you can have this theme without it. I hope you enjoy my themes and don’t forget to leave a comment if you download them. Thank you.

More Previews :


Ubuntu Dream

Ubuntu Dream With Clock

11 thoughts on “Ubuntu Dream

  1. hey there mate. i LOVED the theme. but can you please make the clock a little bit smaller because my shortcut icons are overlapping on the big clock. PLEASE PLEASE do it .. because i wanna use this and android’s theme forever 😀

  2. so elegant! Hope you can do more like this, vintage-like, something like a Golden theme… Next theme is using the default in icons in menu but gold plated..hehe, can you do it? (just like what you did in Camouflage the icons are default but in camouflge color) thanks!

  3. Is it possible to make this theme in Black/blue version…?! Tnx Great iconset!

  4. The best theme for Nokia C-3. Could you make a similar theme with HTC Desire wallpaper and android icons?

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  6. For Clock :
    Setting – Date and Time – Date & Time Format : Time – Clock = Hidden

    For Date :
    Setting – Date and Time – Date & Time Format : Date – Date in Home Screen = Hideen,

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