Hello there, it’s been a while since I released my latest theme, today I come back with one theme that you won’t miss. Perhaps many people out there find the best blackberry-look theme for their nokia C3, just like me. Somehow we can’t find it anywhere because one simple problem, the icons set. I’ve searched all over internet to find the best original Blackberry icon set but I can’t find them anywhere. So I decide to make it my self, I’ve been working hard to make this theme, I always want the best result and quality (that’s why sometimes it takes long time for me to make a theme).

And today, Finally I can release this Most Wanted theme, let me introduce to you “Blueberry Theme” (I won’t call it Blackberry LOL). I’ve tested this theme in my own phone, but if you find some bugs, please let me know.

I also attached Blackberry Ringtone for SMS and Call in this theme, but if you don’t like the ringtones in this theme, you can change it. I’ve collect some Blackberry tones fom the internet and pack in rar (see link below to download).

Last for you who want to make your C3 become a real Blackberry, I’ll help you! I’ve made some Blackberry-Fake-Wallpaper in 320×240 and pack it in rar (see link below to download). Simply just apply the wallpaper and Walaaa your phone become Blackberry LOL. Here’s a preview of my fake BB wallpaper :

See, my C3 become Blackberry LOL. Here’s some wallpaper that I’ve create :

If you are a theme maker and want to use these blackberry icons, you can download them here.

Full Preview :

Download Blueberry Theme

Download Blackberry Ringtones

Download Blackberry Fake Wallpaper

12 thoughts on “Bluberry

  1. Its look very cool and awesome… I really like your fake BB wallpaper 😀

    BTW why you add your logo watermark on screenshots? Any reason!!!

  2. Thank you brother 🙂
    About the watermark, just preventing unpleasant behaviour from leechers 😀

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  4. gak bisa di download lewat hp gan
    padahal ringtonenya itu ane cari kemana mana
    mohon bantuannya

  5. kalo ente mau cari yang satuan (ketengan) ke aja, banya koq ringtonr BB, ato ga ke, kalo yg ini ane bundel pake winrar soalnye gan

  6. Niceeee, gracias por todos los temas que liberas de forma gratuita, tengo muchos de tus temas en mi C3. Sigue así.

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  8. Oigan , esto es solo para foto o para tema de nokia C3?
    Es que quiero un tema no solo una foto. gracias

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