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Maybe you’ve heard many rumors about Windows 8, some of previews of it had leaked anywhere in the internet. This time I try to make Windows 8 Theme, at least this is my expectation. I combine blue background and wallpaper with transparent white elemets. I also find the best Icon set for this theme, many thanks toΒ for his great works Collary Icons. And last, I made a flashlite wallpaper, showing calendar and digital clock, an this time I make 2 flashlite wallpaper with different styles (credit for Mr. Zayed Baloch). So this theme available in three style, two themes with animated flashlite wallpaper and one theme with static wallpaper. You can see the comparison below :


Windows 8x : Style 1



Windows 8x : Style 2




Windows 8x : Style 3



Full Preview :


Windows 8x Widget (Style 1)

Windows 8x Clock (Style 2)

Windows 8x (Style 3)

31 thoughts on “Windows 8x

  1. Really thank you for your hard work.but.I just don’t know why i can’t download the themes here,the links all wrong.I love Windows 8x,the theme just the one I find.Can you mail it to me.Thank you! God luck!

  2. i really love your themes specially the custom icons so artistic! I hope one day you would team up with mr. Zayed to come up with the most amazing, creative animated theme in the world πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Udjo,
    Great themes as always man..!

    I m waiting badly for next version of “Blueberry”
    those icons looked “awesome man….”
    but..that blue highlight was little……
    red would look great too..!

  4. yea Bro…!!
    Redberry and Blackberry both.!
    Those icons looked really cool..!!
    waiting for ur next shot.!! πŸ™‚

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  6. maybe i could answer this qustion:

    115 “”
    sina Vdisk “”

    These were works well in China.
    Thanks for your good job.

  7. Gan, bikin bar menu, go to dll ny invisble/transparent gmn sih? thx:) trus klo boleh request, bs bikin theme Transformers thx

  8. Hai Udjo42, aku sangat suka tema yang ini. Bisakah kamu rubah jam pada tema Window 8X clock sedikit saja. Soalnya aku suka tema dengan jam yang tampak besar, mudah dilihat. Tapi agak janggal kalau pemisah jamnya garis. Bisakah kamu merubahnya menjadi titik dua saja? Dan juga menempatkan jamnya di dalam kotak. Trus bulannya pakai tulisan saja. Tolong ya !

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