Android Honeycomb

Android 3.0 is a new version of the Android platform that is specifically optimized for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. It introduces a brand new, truly virtual and “holographic” UI design, as well as an elegant, content-focused interaction model.

And today I’m so excited to telling you that finally I finish my Android Honeycomb Theme. I know, perhaps many people has created similiar theme, so I do my best creating this theme become a beautiful and elegant theme.

As you can see in the mini preview above, this theme abailable in two styles. As usuall I make a Flashlite wallpaper for this theme. The flashlite wallpaper showing both analog and digital clock and calendar. I place them carefully so you can have you home screen on, just make the Wide collum in middle an set is as empty (you can see I active my home screen). I use the original Android Honeycomb Icon set, wallpaper and logo. But for the menu background I decide to create my own wallpaper with purple base and honeycomb pattern.

Many many thanks for all my friends that helps me alot with the resources, ZandogWwalczyszyn and Zayed Baloch, without them I can’t create such a beautiful theme.

If you like this theme, go for it, download it, and rate this post, leave a comment, because your feedback is very important for this blog. Also I open donation :D. Thank You, and see you later.

Full Preview :

Download Android Honeycomb Theme

Mirror @ Boxnet

Mirror @ iFile

Download Android Honeycomb Theme (With Animated Clock)

Mirror @ Boxnet

Mirror @ iFile

11 thoughts on “Android Honeycomb

  1. Hmm, manteb bos. Tapi yang di belakang bacaan menu, ok (gx tau namanya) lebih ok kalo dibuat transparan. Tp ttp ok

  2. tadinya mau gitu gan, tapi ga ada bedanya secara wallpaper dan bakground agak gelap :D, thanks komentarnya 😀

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  5. tema nya Kerenn Gan..!!
    Mo tanya gan Kalo Buat tema Dengan Icon menu lengkap Gimana ya?? Mohon Petunjuknya -tRims-

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