Lawliet (L)

L Lawliet (エル・ローライト Eru Rōraito?),[3] known universally by the letter L (エル Eru?), is a fictional character and the main deuteragonist in the mangaanimeand film series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba. He is also the main protagonist in the film L: Change the WorLd. In the storyline, L is considered the world’s greatest detective, whose identity remains unknown before the story takes place because he has never revealed himself to the public. L takes on the Kira case in order to find the titular murderer able to kill people whose names are written in the Death Note. He meets Kira, a teenager named Light Yagami, and becomes determined to convict him. (Wikipedia).

Actually my favourite character in Deathnote is Light Yagami, but I know poeple loves L much more than Light. This theme comes with default icon and simple elemets, if you notice this theme looks like Default Light theme in nokia c3. I plan to make the-Live-action-version of L character (Kenichi Matsuyama) tomorrow, so just stay tune.

Full Preview :

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  1. .nie kira2 tema deathnote yg laen maw d buat kpn nie gan ? Klo bleh ane request tema death note eang gmbar n icon.a chibi 😀

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