This is the second time I release my theme in Ovi Store under IND190 publish account. But don’t worry, this is not a premium theme, you can have it for free :). This simple theme comes with a notepad style with yellow and brown elements. I also use flashlite wallpaper showing digital clock (in 12 hour format) and analog clock also calendar, I use the same style that I used before in Android Honeycomb theme.

For the icons, I use my own icon set, box Icons. Since this icon set is actually a premium Icon set, so please don;t ever rip it or use it WITHOUT my permitions (I’m begging you, please appreciate my works, thanks). Enjoy, more awesome themes are coming :).

Full Preview :

Download Notepad Theme

3 thoughts on “Notepad

  1. I just can’t download your themes anymore..because it has been uploaded to Ovi, and Opera Mini can’t download any stuff from there.. 😦 i think i will only have the oppurtunity to download it if i am connected to a wifi signal..

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