Nature Series

After along time, finally I realease these theme. Actually there’s a little problem when I submit these theme on ovi store, so it takes more times then usuall. So here they are Free Nature Series Theme, available in four style with stunning background choose by IND190, these themes are based on Symbian themes Nature series by IND190 and also I use IND190‘s Pop Icon.

You can download these themes on Ovi Store :

Air Balloon


Get Up

Deep Blue

More Previews :


23 thoughts on “Nature Series

  1. Ovi is sucks… after downloading it shows “licence error” and theme doesn’t work. (in russia)

    can you send me theme with balloon on my email?

  2. I have a problem. My mobile can not apply the Deep Blue theme. Can you help me????

  3. udjo42, i’m Erik..
    After i download u’r themes, i can’t apply it on my phones, it says ‘License Error’..
    Can you help me with this problem ..?
    Thx before..

  4. For those who cannot Download from Ovi store or getting error after downloading the theme, I’m very sorry. I have been fixing the problem and and Ovi Store still processing it. thank you

  5. I have fix the license issue in ovi store, anyone who’s getting error with these themes, please download it again, thanks

  6. would like to download it, but it keeps saying “Service not Available” =(

  7. i can’t download your themes in ovi. could you please send this series thru my email?? thanks!

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