Zen Series

know that most of you are not satishfied with my last themes Tumblr and Foursquare, they’re too simple and nothing special. But don’t worry, today I finish my new theme series an publish them for FREE !!!

I bet you have downloaded one of my fenomenal theme Blueberry, well this theme series is kindda a reloaded version of Blueberry theme. This time I create theme in four  differents colour, and I use the original Blackberry’s Zen Precious theme icons. They look very nice in grid and list view since their size are 80 x 80px,  but unfortunately I cannot enlarge the size of the icons so they will look small in Single view.

Now you can have them for FREE !!! ENYOY !!!






More Previews :

12 thoughts on “Zen Series

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  2. Hi, Udjo42. I love your themes and you’re a good theme creator. I would like you to make a theme more similar to the blackberry real theme, but you know maybe this zen series, but combined with the other icons from blueberry theme and when you choose one of them it glows like in these icons. Just if you can, thanks a lot.

  3. I have try to make a theme just like you’ve explained, bot I don’t know what’s wrong, cuz everytime I use a different icon for highlighted icon, there’s always problem in calendar icon, it doesn’t work on it,I’m still working on it to find the problem, thanks

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