Wave Series Reloaded

I know I know, most of you want free themes, just be patient. Today finally these premium themes pass QA on OVI store. Wave series themes originally belong to Ind190, I only reboot the theme with some changes. I really love the wallpaper and background, very elegant and sophisticated. I use HTC Clock animated style in these themes and a liitle improvisation in softkey. These themes use new anna icon set design for s40 phone.

Download Wave Carbon Reloaded @ OVI Store

Download Wave Metal Reloaded @ OVI Store

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8 thoughts on “Wave Series Reloaded

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  2. absolutely,it is a good theme.but that also is another theme i can’t use.because i can’t download it in ovi store of china.
    bad news.

  3. not available in my country too. Damn Ovi store. :/ wish there are other ways to get these

  4. i really love his themes., he’s really good.. but not available at the Philippines either.. :((

  5. Hi,

    Can you also teach me has to how shld I make themes for my X2 01. PLEASE

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