Colour Series : Free Themes

Hey there, first of all I wanna reminds to all of you that my old domain is available now, and please support me by visiting my blog via, thanks. And since this month is my birthday, I promise to make more free themes, adn here they are The Colour Series. Enjoy these premium free themes, I made all the themes elemets, also the icons, and for the flip clock base I would like to thanks to gu5taf for the resources. And also thanks to Joelke, without his help I would never can make theme :D, also for Zayed Baloch of for his helping hand in flashlite, and many thanks to Ind190 for helping me publish my themes at Nokia Store.

So enjoy these high quality premium free themes, thank you for downloading my themes and supporting me.

Download Pink & Purple Theme

Download Blue & Red Theme

Download Green & Yellow Theme

More preview :

9 thoughts on “Colour Series : Free Themes

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Its your birthday but you are the one giving us gifts. Thank you for all your art and themes they are great!

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  3. Sdah lma g mmpir ksini gan, ehh!! Btw Py bday gan mga pnjang umr, skses slalu. Sory ea bru ngucapin.. hehehe.. 🙂

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